Who are Herbert Hernandez and the ADC award?

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Herbert Hernandez is a guitarist, who plays guitar for hours for bands that are renowned by the nation. He is one of the country’s most streamed guitarists and has streamed over 85 million plays around the world. He chalked up himself over an advertisement for 18 years in this industry.

He wins multiple contests like Cannes, the Clio’s, ADFEST, One Show, AD STARS, LIA, APAC Effie’s, and Spikes Asia. He is also a co-founder of the GIGIL agency. The GIGIL is declared the “campaign creative agency of the year”. GIGIL has battled over the entire agency to dominate other multinational agencies and maintain the title of “creative agency of the year”. GIGIL won gold in the APAC Effie’s contest in 2020. It makes GIGIL the most effective and creative agency in the nation.

Herbert Hernandez is also named in the campaign magazine’s list of 40. It demonstrates his success in the Asia Pacific market for media and communication. His full-time job is to be a rock star; he traveled a lot for each of his contests. His success includes late-night gigs, studio recording, lyric writing, and touring across the country.

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He spends a lot of his time in promotional events, maintaining his fans, and rehearsing for singing without spending more time on other pursuits. He was a multi-talented musician who played guitar for an alternative rock band and won national-level contests. Later, he formed his band, Moonstar88. Then he started working full-time as a founder and starting advertising executive of the international agency GIGIL.

Darwin was his musically inclined older brother, who was the manager of his contest. He taught Herbert how to play the guitar. He manages all the contests, music events management, and production group. Though Herbert was successful in Moonstar88, he did not believe that music was his life’s work and worked harder.