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Why is the new project a perfect paradise for dwellers?

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ilio mavlyanov designed the homes in a such way that it is a blend of comfort and luxury at the same time. He hired Bali Construction, a union contractor that specializes in civil heavy construction, for the project’s public and street work, which included bringing utilities such as sewer lines into the community from another street. For this part of the project, Ilio Mavlyanov hired Bali Construction. The whole house has an elegant and understated aesthetic throughout its design. The home has a beautiful fireplace crafted from onyx as well as a unique kitchen designed and built by Bulthaup. While there are areas designated for rest, there is plenty of opportunity for amusement around every corner. From a spa room that contains a sauna and hammam to a built-in aquarium and a walk-in wine cellar, this home has it all. The design and the arrangement are unparalleled.

A built-in subterranean parking garage and a soaring rooftop open-air deck complete with its own outdoor bar for genuine under-the-stars entertainment are just two of the structure’s luxuries that can be discovered beyond the base of the building. In addition, there is a residential elevator in the building. The outside of the home has a one-of-a-kind infinity pool with its own tessellates spa, which reveals the greatest views the property has to offer.

ilio mavlyanov

A piece of elegance and style

It has an extensive portfolio of high-end residential projects and world-class spaces designed to create a sense of hyper-modern functionality. Ilio Mavlyanov wanted to match the work of Jay Vanos. Joseph Ferrugio and his team steal the show as soon as you approach the property with an immaculate seven-foot-tall iceberg chandelier that is designed to show off the towering 26-foot ceilings in the two-level main living space of the home.

This house was built by CMF Homebuilder, a well-experienced general contractor who is responsible for several higher-end hilltop houses of this scale. The firm selected CMF Homebuilder as the general contractor for this house.

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Jasper Venture Group was awarded free-market status for its Morningside Park area project.

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It has come to our attention that Jasper Venture Group attempted to procure a Free Market Status for their project on the grounds of Morningside Park. Indeed, this is precisely what many in our community have been fighting for all these months.

Morningside Park belongs to all of us, and we are grateful that the venture group has finally realized this. Of course, we are aware there’s a contradiction with their previous stance on the issue. Still, you’ll find more information below in an article written by one of our illustrious community members.

When you think about it, it is a win-win situation. The Free Market Status will enable us to give our project the recognition it deserves while keeping the space and its users safe.

Furthermore, this will also increase property value, and an expansion of real estate development in Morningside Park leads to ilio mavlyanov. The residents of Morningside Park have been undertaking this work for years. We know that you’ve been waiting long enough for this day.

The committee of Morningside Park is pleased with the move, and we look forward to working together with Jasper Venture Group as we start seeing some redevelopment on the ground around our park.

ilio mavlyanov

We want you to know that we are no longer against the change. We are happy about a Free Market Status prospect, and nothing less than this will do for us.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Jasper Venture Group for all the hard work they’ve put in, but more importantly, for recognizing that we can’t achieve our goals without working together.

Let’s all come together and make Morningside Park what it deserves to be: a vibrant part of our city with a bright future.

Members of the community, concerned with the handling of Morningside park and who have been fighting against the actions of Jasper Venture Group, are outraged with the decision. One of them who chose to remain anonymous expressed their views through direct email communication to our newsroom.

It is confirmed that the free market will be granted to Jasper Venture Group’s project on the grounds of Morningside park.

It is also confirmed that the board of Jasper Venture Group has already approved this, and they plan to submit their application to the City Council later this week.

Jasper Venture Group has now presented a draft version of its application, and it is not yet publicly available.

If you love the community space in Morningside park, please sign this petition, and let’s send a clear message to the City Council that we want more public areas like Morningside Park.

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The A To Z To Know About Property Management Services

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Property management is the practice in which the third party is mainly responsible for maintaining the residence’s existing condition and fulfilling its occupants. 33 Realty is mainly a Chicago-based real estate company.

Top facts to know about 33 Realty

33 Realty was established in 2009. This company mainly has over 150 employees. The team supports unparalleled expertise as well as income-producing strategies to maximize the value of their investment in real estate. This company is mainly capable of executing some of the real estate transactions of any size in Illinois as well as Indiana. These property management services mainly cover office, multi-family, retail as well as industrial assets. They mainly specialize in luxury as well as garden-style apartment leasing.

33 Realty

The top benefit of the property management services

Below are some of the important benefits of the property management services:

  1. Screening of the tenants mainly takes up too much time as well as can be complex for anyone who is inexperienced with this process. The inadequate investigations mainly result in bad tenants. The best property management companies mainly utilize modern, and educated tenant screening processes for selecting the tenant.
  2. Professional property management companies mainly learn from their experiences. Properly investing into issues regarding some of the potential tenants raises any issue. These mainly include recognizing rental scams, poor credit history, late payments, as well as some other bad facts that are hidden in the person’s past.
  3. One can avoid discrimination lawsuits mainly prevents time-consuming as well as costly discrimination claims by screening their tenants properly. Maintaining the properties mainly avoids unsafe living standards. Periodical property inspections and maintenance mainly keep premises in safe repair.
  4. The service property management mainly provides is efficient rent as well as late fees collection. One must make sure tenants know that expecting rent on time at the time of enforcing late fee penalties mainly helps to ensure prompt payments. Property managers mainly act as the intermediary between a person as well as their tenants.
  5. If someone is planning to hire a property manager, they can travel to any place they want without worrying about their tenants as well as about the regular inspections. One can also live wherever they want as well as they can also invest in other properties. They will get more time to spend with their family and friends.

These are some of the important facts one must know about 33 Realty which is a property management services.

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Property management: duties and obligations in the case of property

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The field of activity of a property management services company for condominiums is legally defined. The Condominium Act is applied here, according to which the management of a building has to represent the interests of the owner via third parties. In doing so, it has to proceed economically and appropriately.

There are many services that a property management company offers. 33 Realty offers the following tasks and duties:

Maintenance and refurbishment

  • Timely implementation of remedial measures, e.g. Replacing windows, repairing water damage
  • Supervision and care of the house and the outdoor facilities
  • Commissioning of repair work, e.g. on electrical, water and gas lines or elevators

33 Realty

Cost accounting and reserves

  • Billing of operating costs
  • Calculation of heating and hot water costs
  • Build up reserves
  • Reminders of arrears should payments from owners be outstanding

Duty to provide information and visibility

  • Obligation to provide information to all apartment owners to provide information on the contents of the management contract
  • Viewable account for every owner about deposits and withdrawals
  • Annual forecast of any remedial measures that may arise
  • Transparent information about the cost calculation and the required reserves
  • The utility bill must be sent in writing to the owners no later than 6 months after the end of the last calendar month

Owners meetings

  • At least every two years, an owners’ meeting is called
  • Information about the condition of the house, changes in costs and future investments
  • Discussion platform for complaints and problems, with the property management acting as a problem solver

There are no legal requirements for the management of rental properties . The area of ​​activity of the property management results solely from the contractual agreement with one or more property owners. Consequently, it has to represent the interests of these property owners via the tenants.

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A Guide To The Ryse Residencies

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What is a smart home? That basic inquiry has a wide range of answers, contingent upon whom you inquire. So, a “smart home” is a home outfitted with various gadgets that robotize undertakings ordinarily taken care of by people. Some are incorporated with the structure itself and some additional later, and property holders work them with applications, voice orders, computerization, or utilizing man-made consciousness. For certain property holders, transforming a house into a savvy home can be as basic as purchasing an associated speaker. For other people, it can include connecting a few distinct items, including speakers, cameras, PCs, cell phones, tablets, TVs, security frameworks, machines, and the sky is the limit from there. The ryse residences provide the above factors.

A Guide To The Ryse Residencies

Importance of home

As individuals arrive at critical achievements in their carries on with, their private inclinations and needs frequently change. Moving in with an accomplice or getting hitched for the most part implies selling for either of the home-owning parties. Verification of residency might be required for an assortment of reasons. If an individual needs to go to an in-state school or to select her kid in a neighborhood school locale, verification of residency might be required.

Benefits of living in Ryse residences

The Ryse Residences will be the following energizing incorporated advancement to be disclosed in Pasir Ris Central. Found right close to the White Sands shopping center, MRT station and transport trade, the advancement will include

  • a decent assortment of private units and have its shopping center right beneath.
  • Ryse Residences is a profoundly foreseen improvement given its great area at Pasir Ris Central and it is likewise one of the uncommon incorporated blended advancement which is associated with Pasir Ris MRT Station (EW1) and the energizing Cross Rail Line (CR5, U/C), transport trade, another retail shopping center forthe current Whitesands Shopping Center, town court and polyclinic.
  • The Ryse Residences is perfect for families because of its nearness to various trustworthy schools around Pasir Ris. The area has schools that will oblige your child’s training from nursery to college. You can even discover global schools around.

Why an individual opt for living in Ryse residences?

The Ryse Residences is a fresh out of the box new blended business and private advancement by Allgreen Properties and Kerry Properties. The habitations close to Pasir Ris MRT station must be incorporated with a transport exchange, a polyclinic and a town square, and can yield up to 480 private homes. The Ryse Residences is a joint improvement by Allgreen Properties Limited and Kerry Properties Limited, with both the individuals under the Kuok Group of Companies. Hence, they are the founder of the ryse residence.


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There will be no hassles for the customers with exciting dining options.

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It is possible for the residents to have more convenience as they are integrated into the ryse residencies. The popular malls can be explored by the residents in order to know about the cuisine and unique fashion dishes. The exciting dining options are offered in the vicinity so that there will be no hassles for the residents at rising residences. If you want to have fun with your friends and family then the vast greenery spaces are very useful. You can find multiple primary and secondary schools to meet the needs of the students.

Reputable developers in Singapore:

The residents can check out the location and project details if they just visit our website. You can definitely have a good time with your family by using luxurious condominium facilities. Reputable developers in Singapore will always play a key role in residential and commercial projects. The best options are offered for the residents at their location of the new Integrated residencies. The residents at rising residences must ensure to get the complete details of the project if they want to complete the registration.

Stay updated about the registration:

You can ensure to meet the needs of your lifestyle by exploring popular malls. The dining and shopping are available at your location to offer satisfaction to many of the individuals. The residents can get everything at their doorstep so they can have a lot of convenience at the residencies. The prices are always closer to the bunch so you should always stay updated about the registration. If you want to become a member of the residency then you can enjoy a variety of special benefits. The link to the MTR interchange and bus station will be provided to the residents so they can get direct access to the mall.

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A condo, short for condominium, represents the better things we want in life. These are convenience, comfort, and of course, security. Buying a single-family house may not be suitable for most people. Condo living has a lot of benefits that people seem not to notice.

Low-maintenance life

Mowing the yard or trimming the bushes can be frustrating after a long day’s work. Removing snow from the carport and the pathway takes too much of your precious time. You do not have to worry about these when you live in a condo. Enjoy one of the greatest perks of condo living. The maintenance of your unit and the amenities around it gets taken care of by the management. It is part of the paid association dues. But, you have to shoulder fees for special assessments. These include unusual or unexpected repairs.

Extra amenities

Most developers include ample amenities like pools, clubhouses, gym, party rooms, and pavilions. You have almost everything you need for daily living. Some condos also offer luxurious amenities, like an observatory, rooftop, and Jacuzzi. You can enjoy these without extra costs and you do not have to worry about their maintenance. Extra security measures to make the residents feel safe is also a great benefit of living in a condo. You do not have to feel anxious about living alone.

penrose location

Fit and healthy

Although most condos have swimming pools, you can also use the gym and fitness center to get fit and healthy. You can save money from not paying any gym membership fees. It will also be more convenient for you since you do not have to travel far. Traveling can sometimes demotivate a person from working out. Most condos also have jogging paths, walkways, and bike lanes.

Great location

A lot of condos are in prime neighborhoods. These are usually close to offices, transit, restaurants, or shopping malls. Living in a house in areas like this could be expensive. Condos let you enjoy a great location at a more affordable and convenient price. Since these areas are often desirable, they keep or increase their value as time goes by, making them a solid financial investment.

Social connections

Most condo residents enjoy the opportunity of having unexpected interactions with fellow residents. Living in a single-family dwelling often involves isolation. Living in Penrose Condominium prevents this from happening. It can also provide a strong sense of community among residents. The management ensures that there are events for everyone to get together. These allow them to know each other.

Living in a condo makes life so much easier. It is a great investment as well. Condos let us feel that we can have more and we deserve better.

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Utilize the perfect opportunity in buying condo

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Real estate is growing in its peak it is a great investment people who wish to grab valuable assets preferring the right condo would be perfect. Many real estate organizations are selling condos those who wish to buy visit the agencies directly or through online. In many popular cities condos are very popular buying the preferred style is welcomed always, the technology has improved in construction sector that prevails great opportunity those who wish to buy house reach the condo sellers through online. That offers you exciting deals in selecting your dream house.

Based on the share market statistics the property price and market value will differ based on different timings.

In real estate field buying and selling property and houses may go up and down due to variation in the price ranges. Before buying analyze deeply about current value during peak times buying houses in condo might increase your budget. Lot of people will search for a way to obtain the condo house at low cost, meeting the actual market price in discount rates. Penrose price is in best and becoming more popular among the property investors since it is situated in center of the city. Having modern house in city side offers great comfort so that you can pick the public transportation easily for reaching work places.

Good choice for investment

Condomiums is large buildings with lot of apartments, having 100 houses with full furnished facilities many people prefer this type of condos since its market value is getting increased day by day. Every month the market value will be in peak to purchase at discount rate prefer during the month of august usually in that season the market value will get decrease buying in those times owner will prepare for the mortgage in discounted rates.  Procedures in buying the houses are very simple once you reached the right agency they will arrange for the mortgage and price discounts in comfortable way. Visit the official site of flora drive to acquire more details about their specializations and offers available in recent sale. Reaching flora is more legal you can progress your purchase in trusted manner with comfortable.

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A Property Owner’s Guide to Reading Floor Plan

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Finding a house in Singapore is not easy because there are a lot of things to consider like location, accessibility, and amenities. However, there is one aspect that is often ignored by potential buyers or property owners. Do you know how to read a floor plan? Floor plans refer to diagrams that represent the layout and structure of the residential unit. It is from a birds-eye view.

Floor plan varies in terms of details but whether it is a condo near the CBD or Botanik Residence Tuan Sing Holdings, the floor plan will portray basic information like the number of rooms, bathrooms, floors and the amenities within the condo unit. Here are other things that you need to know about floor plans:

What are the common floor sizes in Singapore?

In Singapore, the floor plan utilises the imperial system. This means that the size of the unit is specified in square feet. The rule of thumb is 1 square meter (sqm) is equivalent to 10.76 square feet (sq f). In the case of condo units, the floor sizes are from 50 sqm (538 sq f) to 250 sqm (2691 sq f).

What are the unique Singaporean features?

You should know that floor plans are the same when it comes to symbols and labels around the world. However, there are floor plan features that are unique to Singapore. Here are the features:

1. Household shelters: in 1998, the Civil Defense Shelter Act became effective. This act states that new residential units constructed after 1998 should have household shelters. These shelters are shielded with thick steel walls, which are designed to protect the civilians if there will be bombardment. These spaces are used as pantry area.

2. Private Enclosed Space (PES): another mandatory space is called PES. It is a private outdoor space in a residential unit on the ground floor. There are no restrictions on the size of the PES. This is ideal for those who want to do outdoor activities like meditating or gardening.

3. Dual key layouts: this is also called multi-generation units. It consists of 2 homes within the same title and unit. These units are ideal if you want to have tenants or you will house elderly parents with you. When considering this, you have to know if the studio shares the same access to main amenities or it is a standalone unit.

Reading Floor Plan

4. Maid room: Singaporeans are one of the largest employers of domestic workers in the region. With this, many condo units now feature maid rooms that are usually located away from the rest of the bedrooms. The room can vary from small compartments to rooms with attached bathroom.

What is the distribution of functional spaces?

You have to know that the floor area does not only include the main spaces (like a living room, bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, bathrooms) but it also includes supplementary spaces (like air condition ledges, PES, roof terraces, foyers and many more). Checking the floor plan before buying the unit is a prudent way to determine if the unit distributes functional spaces that somehow reflects your lifestyle