A Property Owner’s Guide to Reading Floor Plan

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Finding a house in Singapore is not easy because there are a lot of things to consider like location, accessibility, and amenities. However, there is one aspect that is often ignored by potential buyers or property owners. Do you know how to read a floor plan? Floor plans refer to diagrams that represent the layout and structure of the residential unit. It is from a birds-eye view.

Floor plan varies in terms of details but whether it is a condo near the CBD or Botanik Residence Tuan Sing Holdings, the floor plan will portray basic information like the number of rooms, bathrooms, floors and the amenities within the condo unit. Here are other things that you need to know about floor plans:

What are the common floor sizes in Singapore?

In Singapore, the floor plan utilises the imperial system. This means that the size of the unit is specified in square feet. The rule of thumb is 1 square meter (sqm) is equivalent to 10.76 square feet (sq f). In the case of condo units, the floor sizes are from 50 sqm (538 sq f) to 250 sqm (2691 sq f).

What are the unique Singaporean features?

You should know that floor plans are the same when it comes to symbols and labels around the world. However, there are floor plan features that are unique to Singapore. Here are the features:

1. Household shelters: in 1998, the Civil Defense Shelter Act became effective. This act states that new residential units constructed after 1998 should have household shelters. These shelters are shielded with thick steel walls, which are designed to protect the civilians if there will be bombardment. These spaces are used as pantry area.

2. Private Enclosed Space (PES): another mandatory space is called PES. It is a private outdoor space in a residential unit on the ground floor. There are no restrictions on the size of the PES. This is ideal for those who want to do outdoor activities like meditating or gardening.

3. Dual key layouts: this is also called multi-generation units. It consists of 2 homes within the same title and unit. These units are ideal if you want to have tenants or you will house elderly parents with you. When considering this, you have to know if the studio shares the same access to main amenities or it is a standalone unit.

Reading Floor Plan

4. Maid room: Singaporeans are one of the largest employers of domestic workers in the region. With this, many condo units now feature maid rooms that are usually located away from the rest of the bedrooms. The room can vary from small compartments to rooms with attached bathroom.

What is the distribution of functional spaces?

You have to know that the floor area does not only include the main spaces (like a living room, bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, bathrooms) but it also includes supplementary spaces (like air condition ledges, PES, roof terraces, foyers and many more). Checking the floor plan before buying the unit is a prudent way to determine if the unit distributes functional spaces that somehow reflects your lifestyle

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