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TheSoul Publishing would like to respond to certain recent press reports and speculations about their organization. It is indeed a rapidly expanding digital media firm that specializes in producing entertainment-related material for a worldwide audience. TheSoul Publishing’s headquarters and worldwide management group are in Cyprus, of additional offices throughout Europe, Russia, and also the United States — along with almost one thousand amazing squad folks working remotely from around the world. TheSoul Publishing is led by CEO and founder Pavel Radaev as well as Marat Mukhametov, both of Russian descent.

TheSoul Publishing

The material of TheSoul Publishing is entertaining, enjoyable, and hilarious, but we realize that it has occasionally been factually inaccurate. Last week, certain media sources sought to erroneously identify us as a state-sponsored propaganda factory, prompting us to ponder. While this classification is completely false and insulting, these same media sources did correctly point out factual errors in a tiny percentage of the videos we produced. The movies, which were frequently given by an animation talking banana, were mostly about history, with a concentration on Russia, the Americas, and a few other nations. The recordings were inaccurate at times and erred on the side of truth.

With exception of commercial partners

We’ve never collaborated with any governmental or moderate agency in any nation or generated material curated for a third party. Advertising relationships are fully stated and adhere to social media platforms as well as local laws. Finally, it is unacceptable for fraudulent international television campaigning and propaganda to be sent over any social media network to any country. Although it is sad, we must address this – to be clear, the soul Publishing does not, did not, and will never do anything like this. TheSoul Publishing is indeed a digital publisher whose mission is to delight people all over the world.

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