Commercial Lighting Control Systems Save Businesses Money

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With the possibility of increasing energy costs in the future and the cost of lighting accounting for 50% of the cost of some commercial space, it is not surprising that lighting installation services have improved. Ask about the benefits of additional commercial lighting systems.

Here are 3 key ways retrofit companies can save your business money:

  1. Energy-saving lightbulbs reduce energy costs

The advances in lighting technology over the past decade have been significant, resulting in lighting solutions that use less energy and are cheaper to operate. This alone can significantly reduce the cost of commercial electricity. Retrofit services offer a wide range of options, from replacing obsolete lightbulbs to full commercial lights that can save your business thousands of dollars in lighting costs annually.

  1. Wireless commercial lighting

If you think that all of the retrofit kits are very expensive because they require all of the retrofits that you need in your place, you’ll be glad you were wrong! Commercial aftermarket services can use wireless technology to their advantage. This can reduce installation costs and possibly future cabling maintenance costs. With commercial lighting control systems, you can also analyze and control your light consumption and costs from your computer.

Wireless commercial lighting

  1. Ability to control and reduce consumption

Regardless of whether you opt for wireless or hard-wired lighting, the new lighting technology gives you the opportunity to control and reduce the energy consumption of the lighting in your building.

There are several methods that can be used to reduce costs:

  • Timer: With the timer you can switch the light on and off at certain times or even when the light is subdued.
  • Daylight harvest: With the help of sensors, the amount of light entering through the building windows can be recorded and the lighting can be optimized.
  • Occupancy: Sensors that detect people entering or leaving an area can be used to reduce costs by dimming lights or turning them off when the area is not in use.

When weighing the benefits of retrofitting lighting, it’s important to keep in mind that the savings mentioned above still exist. Paying for a small amount of energy can quickly be redeemed for savings. Additionally, having utility bills and government tax breaks that you may be entitled to and a commercial offer can be a very smart choice.

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