Coin Grading – A Technique You Must Master

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The main purpose of this article is to give you an idea of ​​the notation of the motto and to help you with coin grading guide to understand everything about the above subject.

For coin collectors, you always need more coins to have good coins in the collection. It’s always easy to buy new parts for your collection, but you need to make sure that the parts you buy are valuable. If you ever need to sell them, you’ll make sure you can do it without too much trouble. Tracking the parts classification system is probably the best way to know the economic value of your parts.

classification of coins

The classification of coins is essentially the process of determining the degree or the state of a currency, a fundamental factor of its value. The currencies of different countries have different coin classification systems, but they are for the most part similar.

Normally, collectors or dealers take many years to gain sufficient experience in sorting parts. Because of this classification of currencies, you will always be uncertain of the value of coins. In 2018, there are four main classification services:

– PCGS (professional parts qualification service)

– NGC (Numismatic Guarantee Company)


– ICG (sometimes criticized for its classification of modern currencies)

I strongly recommend that you seek the advice of an expert before making a significant purchase of foreign coins.

Although you would like more information on the basics of coin grading, there are some excellent notation books on this subject. Reading books like this one should help you understand the different coin classification systems used in the industry.

Coin Grading

The notation of the currency is uncertain and you will find that there are no coin dealers based on all the points. Therefore, it is good to remember what the different letters and symbols of the coin classification mean. For example, “coins not circulated” will often receive the currency rating. That means it’s a great find for coin dealers and collectors. Even these pieces will be ranked from best to worst.

Here are some of the nominal values ​​of the parts:

– (Out of circulation or new condition), the quality of the room is almost perfect. The rating for this note is MS60 to MS70. MS70 is perfect.

– (Almost not circulated) The quality of the room is almost perfect, almost no sign of wear.

– (Extremely thin), only a slight wear layer at the highest points

– (Very good) the quality of the piece shows little wear and the main characteristics of the piece are very precise.

– (end) There is moderate to considerable uniform wear on the part.

– (very good) Well used, and shows a slight detail of the main features of the room.

– Characteristics (good) very worn, generally flat appearance.

– (In good) Widely used with letters, details and worn dates. The worst possible state of a room.


Understanding what these different ratings are will help you with your coin collection. Very quickly, you will know the different prices that are attributed to different currencies.

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