Palmistry, Divination and Future telling

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Palmistry is an art of predicting someone’s past, present and future by reading their hands. This is done by examining an individual’s palm lines and shape of hands. Divination is a practice to acquire knowledge of telling future by supernatural means. Diviners, attempt to understand a situation or a question by supernatural means by following a religious ritual or a process.

Diviners interpret results by reading events, signs or omens, through contact with supernatural means. Palmistry predicts future of an individual by reading their hands, whereas, Divination is acquiring knowledge of future invoking spirits or deities. Though Palmistry and Divination, are similar in predicting future, their purposes are different.

Approaches in Palmistry and Divination

A practice of assessing a person’s past, present and future and their personality is Palmistry, by reading their palm lines, shapes and flexibility of hands, finger and size, length and flexibility, fingerprints, fingernails, mounts and their intersections and skin color, texture and patterns. Most practiced ritual in palmistry in some cultures are each area of hand and fingers are related to a goddess or god, indicating these features to the corresponding nature of the subject. Palmists readings for various qualities of hands, including palm lines, shapes of hands, sizes, fingers, skin color, fingernails depends on the type of palmistry practiced and type of reading being performed.


While on the contrary, there are innumerable methods for practicing Divination, and are found in different names but similar methods of practicing in many parts of the world. Names of these methods depends more on how scientific or mystical it turned out. Some of them include tarot cards reading, crystal ball gazing, dream interpretation.

Belief and Truth

A systematic method is observed in Divination, where disorganized and random aspects are organized to provide an insight to a problem. On the contrary, Palmistry helps us to identify strengths, personalities, limitations of a person. Though many are convinced how capable palmistry of foretelling the future, others are skeptical relating it with divination and dismiss it as a practice of superstition. Due to lack of strong scientific proof for Palmistry and Divination, they are considered or valid less. Nonetheless, people still believe and seek comfort in future telling and their reasons may vary, commonly searching answers and guidance for their life’s problems.

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