Why Buy Bulk Rock Salt From Ninja De-Icer This Winter?

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It is a well-known fact that accidents are better prevented than cured. Most of the accidents during winters are caused by due deposition of unwanted ice near sidewalks, roads, parking lots, and tracks.When people get in or out of shops, they can slip and fall and hurt themselves because of snowfall. There are times when the ice might even block important entryways or exits, causing emergencies. Thus, to prevent any accidents due to ice, it is imperative to buy rock salt.

Removing ice with salt.

The process of removal of ice from unwanted places is called De-icing or anti-icing. It is done by both mechanical and chemical means. When using mechanical means, it is usually removed with the help of a snowplow or by scraping it. Other than that, salt and its solution or other ice-melting chemicals are used to melt it.

Out of all the methods, the most effective and cost-efficient method is to directly apply rock salt to the areas before a storm approaches or after plowing through the ice. But then the question arises on where to buy salt in such large amounts. To solve this, one can buy bulk rock salt from Ninja De-Icer at a reasonable price.

Different options to choose from when buying salt from Ninja De-Icer

Ninja De-icer offers diversity in the type of salt you want to buy. The different types have been listed below with a description.

The company guarantees 100% customer satisfaction with a high success rate with these products.

  • Ice ban treated with magnesium chloride offers a high success rate and comes at a reduced price. It is effective at -10॰F temperatures and is blue.
  • Treated salt with magnesium chloride and potassium acetate, which has been dyed blue, also provides aid in the removal of ice. This variant of bulk rock salt from Ninja De-Icer is proven to be highly effective at a temperature of 0॰F.
  • Ice Breaker is a sturdy mixture of sodium chloride, calcium chloride, potassium chloride, and magnesium chloride. The mix increases the efficiency of the salt, which reduces the quantity required when compared to other salts.

Hence, Ninja De-icer provides ample products to choose from when deciding on the type of product that would fit your business.


We need to understand that the weather is becoming increasingly unpredictable with the onset of global warming, and as responsible citizens, we must help prevent accidents. Removing ice with the use of rock salt is a cost-efficient and effective method to get rid of unwanted snow to prevent accidents and hazards.