Technologies That Has Changed PR Functioning

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Technology is advancing at an increasing rate, and the PR world is of no exception. Rise of internet, mobile phones, and even social media are some examples of how the technology has actually impacted in a people communicate.

The PR tactics are completely totally compared to some years before as everything moves in Digital Marketing world and reputation of the company rests on what is happening on the internet.  Let us explore some changes that technology has brought ahead to PR industry as per Ronn Torossian.

Social Networks

The growing popularity of Social media has been the main tools that the PR experts use all over the world. There’re not any inclinations of this changing anytime.

With a few platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, experiencing declines in the recent years, gap is filled with the new giants, such as Reddit, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. But, distribution channels of the platforms have actually evolved over past some years and have PR departments, which rely completely on them.

Artificial Intelligence/AI

AI is the technology that targets to mimic what people think, do, and say. It’s anticipated that Artificial Intelligence will have infiltrated each industry & aspect of the society in thirty years’ time. It means that PR world will have to adapt and make use of use AI for different purposes.

For instance, you can use AI for leveraging several gigabytes in the real-time for writing down insightful copy & target audiences in the sophisticated way – without any human guidance.

Better PR Team Collaboration

If there’re two or more public relation people pitching the reporters on team, probably you want to avoid having to pitch same reporter. Ronn helps by sharing certain activities associated with the contact on list over the team.

For instance, outreach activity associated to contact on the list will be compiled in an activity stream, thus the team knows who’s reaching out. Thus, it is just like the knowledge management tool.