Alexei Orlov: The Man Behind Marketing & Brand Activation

You must have heard the name – Alexei Orlov, Founder, and Global Chief Executive Officer of MTM (Moments That Matter), a Boutique Holding Group. Their offices are situated in New York, Los Angeles (USA); London (UK), Milan (Italy). He has expertise in the field of global brand strategy, operations management, and marketing implementation.

Initialization of MTM

The name MTM came from a quotation which is often said by Alexei Orlov – “if it does not matter to those who matter for your business, then it will not matter, and nor will your business.” This idea came to his mind five years ago from the date of incorporation. He treats choice as a reward. He believes everything he does in his business must have some relevance.

Strategy and Success of MTM

The best thing about Alexei Orlov is that he is practical. He identifies opportunities in the market and implements them by practice. He follows practical approaches to solve problems rather than stating them.

One of the major reasons for the success of MTM is that it distributes reasonable power, authority, and responsibility to the employees. He believes that a company must hire people who are above them and not those who are equal to learn something new and breed more.

Alexei Orlov

Awards Won By The Founder

  • CMO of the year.
  • ASEAN by World Brand Congress.
  • Cannes Gold Lion Award.
  • He was invited as a speaker at Global Brand Forum.


Moments that Matter (MTM) is a company mainly situated in the USA founded by Orlov that specializes in the field of business and management. It is a successful company globally. The reason is its practicality and strategic approach and implementation, there is no secret as such. Obsession with authenticity and clear purpose makes it a triumph among other rivals and its competitors.