How will technology shape sports broadcasting in the future?

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A surge in technology has enhanced 스포츠중계 over the last decade. Channel owners are always looking for ways to improve their fan experience through automating production, artificial intelligence (AI), and improvements to the hardware. Here are five ways technology could influence sports broadcasting in the future. The use of multidimensional views in sports is not new, with several other rights holders also using it for replays. However, it was the first time it was done live. The technology still needs more work, but it does provide rights holders with opportunities to broaden the platforms on which sports can be broadcast. Sports broadcasting will be impacted by the metaverse soon, including the metaverse.

While it has been a walled garden until now, only professional organizations have used sports content automation, which uses AI to ease the load on resources. Using an artificial intelligence-powered camera to record and stream sports footage, the start-up Stage helps drive down the cost of 스포츠중계 and could also help improve marketing opportunities. It is one way to scale technology for grassroots use. A local club’s ability to create highlights through automated content could help attract commercial partners in the sports industry. Sports sponsorship now goes beyond stamping a logo on a team or league and hoping for the best. Broadcast barriers in lower sports tiers may break down in the coming years.

As a cousin of virtual reality, AR is currently regarded as easier to use. The field of play has been covered in graphics in the past, and now the industry is exploring how AR can be used in sports venues. It is even harder if the background constantly changes since it is doubly hard if the sports venue needs to be consistent. In a partnership with French start-up, Orange, the Tour de France broadcasting technology provider, tested the potential of AR for sports. Using AR glasses, crowd members could view an interactive 3D map superimposed on the real world.