Thesoul Publishing digital studio- Things to know

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Everything is now a digital experience—listening to tunes, watching movies, streaming on OTT platforms, and so on—as the digital industry grows dramatically. With the advent of the internet, a comprehensive platform for digitally showcasing skills, viewers have been exposed to unexpected yet relatable content, and this trend is unlikely to slow down in the future. It attracts people since it provides them with limitless opportunities and allows them to complete all of their tasks in a fraction of the time.

Because everything is being digitized, the media, which is such an important part of our lives, has joined this process, which is only improving. Media publishers (MP) distribute the content created by media firms and agencies with the help of experienced writers and editors. Because content can now be delivered via digital devices, digitization has expanded the reach.

thesoul publishing

An introduction to Thesoul publishing:

TheSoul Publishing is a Cyprus-based MP that maintains and operates some of the most popular YouTube channels, offering a mix of fun and positive content to a worldwide audience.

Pavel Radaev and Marat Mukhametov launched thesoul publishing in 2003, and they are still the co-CEOs today. They collaborated to create AdMe, a website dedicated to advertising information. AdMe shifted to creating more light-hearted entertainment-style material after growing popularity over time. With the advent of 5-Minute Crafts on Facebook in 2016, TheSoul Publishing included entertaining video material.

TheSoul Publishing’s collection of media brands stresses the positive, the practical, and the genuinely amusing, from handy life hacks to ingenious craft projects, from head-turning beauty suggestions to brain-twisting puzzles. 5-Minute Crafts, the most-watched channel, is the world’s most popular DIY digital brand, routinely ranking in the top ten YouTube channels and Facebook pages.

Thus, the above are some interesting details about the popular digital studio company.