Torossian and Peloton – the latest crisis

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As we all know, Torossian is a person who cannot be ignored while considering the entrepreneur community in New York. He has attained a rapid growth and has also expanded his business in a wider way. Even though he has made various achievements to list on, his recent comment on the peloton’s bike is being the talk of the town in current trend. The comments left by them not only slowed down process of Peloton but this has worsen their situation to a greater extent. Even though many people are aware of this issue, still there are many people who don’t have better information about this issue. This article can be a dedication for such people.

PR crisis

Ronn Torossian as a PR expert has made a comment over the PR crisis of Peloton. Even though Peloton was facing some other problems in facing the market, this kind of comment have worsen their situation to a greater extent. It can also be said that the comments not only slowed down their process but it has also worsen their situation beyond their expectation. Since the issue is regarding the performance of Peloton bike, it has created a greater impact in their development than they sound to be.

Ronn Torossian


It can be said that this incident has worsen the situation of the Peloton. A fictional character who rode one of the bikes of Peloton suffered from heart attack. Even though it is all about a fictional character, the issue has created a great impact in the market. The other interesting fact about this show is they were filmed before several months and the only thing is they have used the most popular brand in their show and created greater controversies regarding the reputation of the brand without their knowledge.

Even though, this incident sound to be new controversies and setbacks are not new for Torrosian. They have also got into several other crises. Even last year, they have stopped the production of certain bike models as they failed to gain better demand among the audience. Likewise they have got into various controversies that have worsened their situation without their knowledge. On the other side, the founder of 5WPR founder has come up with many interesting publications that have reached wider range of audience within short span of time. In order to know more about this issue, their official web page can also be checked.