You May Choose Granite or Quartz for Countertops

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Granite and quartz countertops are both popular materials to use for countertops. Let’s take a look at granite countertops first. A major benefit of granite for countertops is its natural beauty. It can lend an aura of luxury to any space, and it can bring the design of your kitchen or bathroom to a higher level.

Granite also has an advantage over other materials. It is more durable even than the more popular options like Formica. It is naturally hard and can resist wear and tear and scratches.

Apart from that, granite also resists heat. That means it is safe to use it near the cooktop or range. It gives you peace of mind, knowing where to set your hot pans and pots safely. Stains are not a problem when it comes to a granite countertop. For as long as you seal off the granite countertop, it won’t be able to absorb any liquids or stains they may cause. This makes it a family-friendly material. You won’t have to be worried if your kids could spill their milk or drinks on the countertop.

You are helping the environment when you choose granite for your countertop. It is an earth-friendly material. It also retains its natural appearance which means it does not involve a lot of processes that may harm the environment.

Granite countertops are perfectly flat. If you are fond of baking or kneading bread, a granite countertop can make your job easier.

If you are not interested in granite, you have another good option, quartz. You can find the best options from Pro Stone countertops. Quartz countertops have become popular in recent years, and it’s for a good reason. It creates a non-porous flat surface. That means that there are no holes or cracks where stains and liquids could settle in. This material is more resistant to staining compared to other more porous ones. It is also cleaner, knowing that bacteria, germs, and viruses are not likely to settle in a quartz countertop due to its non-porous surface. Additionally, this makes it easier to wipe down and clean the countertop surface.

A quartz countertop is tough and durable since it comes from slabs of stone. It is composed of 90 percent quartz and 10 percent binding polymers and colored pigments. High quartz content makes these countertops undeniably hard and durable. It is also resistant to scratches and chips, and this countertop can last for years which makes it a great investment.

You won’t run out of options for quartz varieties since there is a wide array of colors and aesthetics to choose from.