Why should you backup your Office data 365?

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Office 365 is a cloud-based applications and services suite that is suitable for both personal and business use. It consists of a set of privacy, security, and storage management features for organization with the help of veeam.

They reject liability for any data loss that causes loyalty between the user and the service provider. The large system requires numerous ways to cloud the data without being compromised and requires zero errors or corruption in the data during the recovery process. So, backing up your office data regularly is important.

The reason for backing up

  • Accidental deletion
  • Retention policy gaps
  • Security threat
  • Legal issue
  • Migration management

Accidental deletion

This type is classified into two types:

  1. Soft delete
  2. Hard delete
  3. Soft delete

It includes the removal of files along with the data, folders, and all within them. This can be recovered by the recycle bin. It has a separate tree in each mailbox.


  1. Hard delete

With this method, the data is permanently deleted from the database and can’t be recovered.

Retention policy gaps

This is an information-maintenance center introduced by the company. Here, the formatted data is recovered after a period of time with a procedure. Due to the time interval, this method is challenging to handle.

Security thread

Organizations need to protect their data from multiple security threads. The thread may be in the form of viruses and malware.

Legal issues

Legal action requires certain documents. This helps to retrieve the lost information of the organization. This needs the user’s account to retrieve the information. If you don’t have account information, you can get the lost data.

Migration management

If you wish to switch from another to veeam Office 365, you need to transfer the data properly. For that reason, hybrid email deployments provide an additional maintenance challenge for backing up the data safely to the cloud.

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