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Fast and reliable pharmacy medication verification is crucial for proper pharmacy functioning. The right medication consistently being administered to the appropriate patient is the pharmacist’s responsibility. It’s essential to have an accurate record of all the medications that pass through the central pharmacy verification in a field where the regulations are extremely strict. Errors are costly and can have hazardous consequences. For years, national associations for pharmacists worldwide have urged pharmacies to employ barcode technology for inventory control, dose preparation, packaging, and dispensing of pharmaceuticals.

Why certified?

An individual who works closely with a pharmacist to complete administrative and pharmaceutical tasks is known as a pharmacy technician. Most pharmacy technologists will report directly to a qualified pharmacist. The value of a certified pharmacy technician has increased as a result of the shortage of pharmacists because this position may take over some of the administrative tasks that were previously handled by pharmacists, although the pharmacist must still review and approve prescriptions and drug dispensing. When it comes time to fill open positions, candidates who have certification from the local or national pharmacy board are frequently viewed favorably.

Some of the benefits of being a verified pharmacy are mentioned below:

It increases the growth rate

A pharmacist’s job is now more vital than it has ever been in expanding patients’ access to treatment. Unsurprisingly, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasts a 20 percent increase in employment for pharmacy technicians through 2022 as a result of this growth and the aging baby-boomer population. This data shows that a career in pharmacy is flourishing with each passing day.

A lot of interaction

Being a pharmacy technician will be a fantastic fit for you if you enjoy interacting with people and helping them. A career as a pharmacy technician can be fulfilling and rewarding as you assist and interact with people, whether you are working behind the counter at the register, dispensing a patient’s medication, or introducing yourself to and establishing rapport with customers.

Pharmacy technicians spend their days working as part of a healthcare team. Calls will be placed to other healthcare professionals who can share and confirm patient information, in addition to your own team members. Making sure patients receive the greatest care is the main objective.

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