Marc Roberts, the Wonderful Wizard of Miami

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Few people know Marc Roberts Miami by name or can see him on the street. But today in Miami, Florida, millions of people are enjoying the fruits of Roberts’ inspired work without knowing its origins. Roberts is an amazing Miami witch who bought, owned and sold a large percentage of all homes sold in downtown Miami. But where did Roberts come from, and how did he come to have such an impact on the city of Miami?

In the beginning

Marc Roberts is from New Jersey. He was born in Newark and his parents raised him in West Orange. At the age of 19, Roberts began his career as a sports administrator by becoming the youngest person in history to promote professional boxing. At the age of 21, he won his first world championship with fighter Donald Curry.

What is Marc Roberts’ job as a sports manager?

Roberts had a passion for sports from a young age. His passion for sports led him to college, playing for the American University’s Division I basketball team. While in college, Roberts quickly saw an opportunity in sports management after hearing his colleague Russell (Boo) Bowers complain about agents knocking on his door day and night to provide their services in representation. . So, Roberts took this opportunity: he went to Boo about being his agent. From there, Roberts began to build a business, signing players, athletes, and players from all sports. Typically, he would sign any talent he chose as their representative. On another occasion, the Plainfield Athletic Club contacted Roberts and asked him to manage the three state-class boxers. This was the time when, at the age of 19, he became the youngest person to ever promote professional boxing.

professional boxing

From there, Marc Roberts Miami knew that his unwavering love and support would help him grow and strengthen his sporting career. Initially, he raised money to sell his fights as a rookie agent and promoter. He raised $ 60,000 in debt and even sold his car at one time. By the time he was 21, he had raised enough money to manage several world champions, including two heavyweight world champions, Shannon Briggs and Ray Mercer.

Marc Roberts Miami founded Triple Threat Enterprises and took the public to the NASDAQ market as his first 28-year-old sports Management Company – making him the first person to ever take over a sports-based sports management company. At the age of 34, he founded his second company, Worldwide Entertainment, and Sports.

The success of Marc Roberts’ Miami housing

In 2003, Roberts and Arthur Falcone began assembling a development project in the central city of Miami. Roberts began working on his specific idea of ​​integrating Park West Region. After visualizing residential and commercial towers in this key area, Roberts and Falcone took the bold step of investing in this dangerous but precious opportunity.

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