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A Recumbent bike or bike or bicycle is a type of cardiac instrument which is specifically designed for patients who are diagnosed with back issues or people with other physical limitations that can hinder the use of an upright normal bike or bicycle.  It is also good for warm up and cool down.  It is also very good for people who are unfamiliar with cycling.

A Recumbent bike enables a perfect spinal position than a normal bike and is gentle on all the joints. Unlike the normal bikes your lower back is supported by a large bucket seat and your knees and ankles are well protected from injuries.  It is reported that Recumbent bikes are the good choice of most neurological patients.

Types of recumbent bikes

There are two to three types of Recumbent bikes such as short wheelbase, long wheelbase and recumbent tricycles.


Short wheel base Recumbent bikes put its wheels under the rider with the crankset infront of the forewheel of the bike.  The two wheels of the bikes are of the same size which means you can carry one Stepney with you when you head for your rides.  The bike has also got a telescoping feature into the tube.



This type of  Recumbent bikes put the wheel forewheel infront of the crankset.  Unlike the SWB they have a large backtire and a comparatively small fronttire.


 Technically speaking a Recumbent tricycle is not the same as a Recumbent bicycle but they are close  enough  and are worth of taking a look if you are searching for a Recumbent equipment.  These bikes more probably have the crankset out in front of the wheels along with the telescoping feature into the tube.

There are a variety of designs available.  One such type has a singular rear wheel which is effectively connected to the drive train and the rider is allowed to sit over a chassis with both front wheels out to the sides so that they can be used for steering.  The other type is one in which the drive train is connected to the differential gear and axel to which the two rear wheels are connected so the rider will be able to steer with a singular wheel in the front just like other bicycles.

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