Fitness 101: Learn How To Get In Shape

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If you are looking for the best variant of a recumbent bike, then you must bring into the page of In today’s generation, exercise bikes turned out as the extremely popular exercising stuff at the convenience of our home. In fact, it is so much convenient to use. Plus, an extra storage space at your home is not a requirement. The equipment doesn’t consume big space, but rather enough space will do. It actually delivers a challenging workout every day. Just like the other fitness equipment, it gives the same aerobic benefits. Now, are you getting excited of how it brings you into a well-fit individual?

The comparison of bikes  

Bikes come into different variations. Now, let us figure out the different kinds of bike. These are:

  • Mountain bike
  • Road bike
  • comfort/hybrid bike
  • Trick/BMX bike
  • Time trial/triathlon bike
  • Cyclocross bike
  • Commuting bike
  • Tandem
  • Fixed gear/Track bike
  • Folding bike
  • Adult Trike
  • Beach cruiser
  • Kids bike
  • Recumbent bike

Fitness 101: Learn How To Get In Shape

The list of bikes is commonly used by bikers. They use it for different reasons and purposes. All of these bikes are invented for unique purposes. The last variation is the recumbent bike which is used by riders for cycling and even for fitness purpose. When compared to the traditional bikes, the recumbent belongs to the modern bikes. When compared to the traditional bike, recumbent describes more about modernity. It has a non-traditional bicycle appearance. The rider sits lower in the ground – sitting like in a chair. Good to know that recumbent comes into different configurations. It consists of short to long wheelbases, above and the under-seat steering. Plus, it offers 2, 3 and 4 wheel varieties. Also, tandem recumbent and some other variations.

Get into shape while at home

Recumbent bikes are not only designed for bike racing purposes. It also used for fitness material. If you want to have that admiring body shape, then simply do the exercise with the use of recumbent. There are 3 good reasons why recumbent is an ideal equipment for exercising thing. The 3 reasons are a convenient workout, Bio Connect feedback and challenging yet relaxing workout. For those who love to go to gyms just to get in shape, you should know the news about the product. It is a good idea that you can do exercise routines with recumbent at the convenience of your home. You will never get tired if you use this exercising equipment at your home. Gym lovers should know the good news about the modern exercising equipment today!



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A Recumbent bike or bike or bicycle is a type of cardiac instrument which is specifically designed for patients who are diagnosed with back issues or people with other physical limitations that can hinder the use of an upright normal bike or bicycle.  It is also good for warm up and cool down.  It is also very good for people who are unfamiliar with cycling.

A Recumbent bike enables a perfect spinal position than a normal bike and is gentle on all the joints. Unlike the normal bikes your lower back is supported by a large bucket seat and your knees and ankles are well protected from injuries.  It is reported that Recumbent bikes are the good choice of most neurological patients.

Types of recumbent bikes

There are two to three types of Recumbent bikes such as short wheelbase, long wheelbase and recumbent tricycles.


Short wheel base Recumbent bikes put its wheels under the rider with the crankset infront of the forewheel of the bike.  The two wheels of the bikes are of the same size which means you can carry one Stepney with you when you head for your rides.  The bike has also got a telescoping feature into the tube.



This type of  Recumbent bikes put the wheel forewheel infront of the crankset.  Unlike the SWB they have a large backtire and a comparatively small fronttire.


 Technically speaking a Recumbent tricycle is not the same as a Recumbent bicycle but they are close  enough  and are worth of taking a look if you are searching for a Recumbent equipment.  These bikes more probably have the crankset out in front of the wheels along with the telescoping feature into the tube.

There are a variety of designs available.  One such type has a singular rear wheel which is effectively connected to the drive train and the rider is allowed to sit over a chassis with both front wheels out to the sides so that they can be used for steering.  The other type is one in which the drive train is connected to the differential gear and axel to which the two rear wheels are connected so the rider will be able to steer with a singular wheel in the front just like other bicycles.


Importance of Compressed Air Piping System

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Piping is an important component in a compressed air system. When the air is compacted, dried and sifted, it is then sent to an end client.

What is the Purpose of Compressed Air Pipe System?

The purpose behind the compressed air piping systems are to convey compacted air to the purposes of utilization. The compressed air needs to be delivered with appropriate quality, enough volume, and pressure to properly power the components that use the compressed air. Compressed air is costly to manufacture. A poorly designed compressed air system can promote equipment failure, increase energy costs, reduce production efficiencies, and increase maintenance requirements. Compacted air is used in numerous commercial industrial facilities and is viewed as a utility fundamental to generation. Transair compressed air pipe system is ready to install and ready for immediate pressurization. Parts are removable and exchangeable and permit quick and easy layout changes reducing production downtime. In contrast to the performance of steel pipe, which degrades after some time because of corrosion, air quality is clean with optimum flow rate execution with the utilization of a Transair pipe system.

Different Kinds of Pipes

There are different kinds of pipes in the market and it’s a bit confusing. There are steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, plastic pipes, and many other materials, and then there are a thousand different makes and types of piping and couplings. But there are a few things to consider when buying your compressed air piping. One might choose a steel or a plastic pipe, depending on the compressor type and plant size.

  • Steel compressed air pipe – steel pipes are strong and can withstand high temperatures and pressures but they are relatively expensive, heavy, and have problems with rust.
  • Plastic compressed air pipe – plastic funnels are light and without rust yet can’t withstand high temperatures.Air Piping System

Guidelines for Optimizing an Air Pipe System

Installing an air pipe system should be completed in accordance with certain guidelines.

  • Bends and bypasses involve pressure drops and to avoid them are to use assemblies because they allow modification of a system and the bypass of obstacles.
  • Limit excessive decreases in pipe diameters that also involve pressure drops.
  • Threaded components make regularly expanding leaks after some time, pick materials that don’t corrode.
  • Ensure consistent quality clean air.
  • The size of a system has a direct influence on the good performance of tools: choose the appropriate diameter according to the required flow rate and acceptable pressure drop.
  • To facilitate access for upkeep, don’t position a system underground.
  • Install drops as close as possible to regions of the operation, along these lines where instruments require most extreme vitality for optimal working.
  • Install pipe supports two supports per 10′ (3m) pipe length and three supports per 20′ (6m) pipe length.


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They are really good reducing costs to a large extent especially the oil-free air compressors, as you will not have to bother about the expensive filter changes that you would have to make on regular basis. The energy loss completely prevented due to pressure drop in the filter and the cost utilized for the oil condensate treatment is reduced significantly. The adherence to international standards of manufacturing makes it an eco-friendly option as saving fuel also one of the reasons people opt for such air compressors. Now you can buy a variety of commercial air compressors.

More viable option

The oil-free compressors have many options for the buyers to opt for right from the screw and tooth, centrifugal, piston, water injected and scroll compressors. There is an oil-free application for the above. It has ISO certification and availability is maximized for possible clients worldwide.

The oil lubricated compressors are efficient when they save costs on the life cycle of the equipment which lasts longer. Due to this, the energy recovery is more and the decrease in fuel costs come by easily. The equipment is smaller compared to the oil-free compressor so, more space is saved. The installation of the equipment is comparatively easier, and parts are easily accessible. These parts last long as they don’t wear out easily.


There is more range in the oil lubricated air compressor than any other and this can optimize your output more than ever. You can run your equipment at high temperature and worry as there are extra safety devices put up to prevent any eventuality. Use of commercial air compressors is everywhere.

The kinds of oil lubricated compressors that are available

  • Automated piston compressors
  • LE/LT aluminum piston compressor
  • LE snow piston compressors
  • LS and LP cast iron industrial piston compressors
  • G and GX
  • A screw compressor series
  • GR two stage rotatory screw air compressor
  • LB high-pressure piston compressors

There are all kinds of compressors

  • The rotatory compressor has to rotors which compress the air internally and it has no valves. It has to be continuously cooled with either water or air. It is easy to maintain and operate.
  • The centrifugal compressor is a dynamic compressor and there is a transfer of energy from the rotating impeller to the air sent out. These compressors rotate at high speed and have high capacity compared to other compressors. This capacity can be either increased or reduced according to the need.