Manbir Singh Sodhi is an attorney who specialises in criminal defence

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A threat is spoken, conveyed, or caused to be received by another person if the threat is made with the intent of injuring that person. Criminal prosecution may also be brought against you if you threaten to destroy or burn their property or if you threaten to harm their animals. This is determined objectively, anddetermining whether or not a threat was made depends on whether a reasonable person would regard the statements spoken to be menacing. Meet the best attorney, Manbir Sodhi criminal lawyer brampton to discuss all the issues under criminal law and get the best advice.

Mr Sodhi employs his knowledge, experience, and skill in the legal system and criminal law to assist his clients in receiving the compassion, understanding, and support they need while also providing them with steadfast legal counsel at the same time. He is well aware of the stress that may be experienced by those who have been accused and charged with a criminal offence.Exceptional legal services are provided by Manbir Sodhi, a criminal defence attorney who is committed to your defence with honesty, respect, compassion, professionalism, and an unshakable dedication to your case.

Areas of application of criminal law

 Criminal law is not just a practice area of the law that we handle; instead, it is one in which we seek to achieve justice for each one of our clients who comes to attorneys. Using a collaborative approach, they work with each client to identify the most cost-effective and most efficient answer to their criminal accusations.

The goal is to guarantee that you get the highest-quality legal counsel and guidance possible while also treating you with the extraordinary respect, honesty, and professionalism that you and your family deserve and expect.

In Brampton, a criminal defence lawyer, Manbir Sodhi, is solely devoted to the practice of criminal law and criminal crimes, including driving under the influence offences.Making threats against another person in Ontario, as well as in every other province and territory in Canada, may result in you being charged with the criminal crime of uttering a threat. Following the Criminal Code, this kind of crime is categorised as an assault-type offence.


He has been in the practice of criminal law for many years and is well-regarded by his colleagues, Crown prosecutors, and judges at all levels of the court system. He is widely recognised as one of Brampton’s best criminal defence attorneys and across the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario.

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