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Timber bolts, which are otherwise referred to as economy bolts, mushroom head bolts or dome head bolts are commonly used in wood dock construction. These are frequently hot dip galvanized to meet the requirements of ASTM A307 Grade A. As a result of this type of finish, these are sometimes referred to as HDG or galvanized timber bolts. High strength A449 and Stainless-steel timber bolts are also used for special applications.  Timber bolts are most commonly manufactured in diameters ranging from ½” to 1-½”.

Timber bolts are widely used in lumber and marine industries as they are meant for use with large wood planks and structures.

Thinking of sourcing Timber bolts?

If you are in need of timber bolts and are thinking where to source these from, you don’t have to look beyond BACO Enterprises. We are a leading fastener distributor based in the Bronx, NY and are in the industry for 20 years now. We are proud to be a leading distributor of A325, A490 TC bolts. Sourcing your timber bolts or other structural components from us will give you the advantage of working with a pioneer fastener distributor that can meet your requirements without delay. Customer satisfaction is our priority and hence, we guarantee to deliver quality bolts.


We can even offer our guidance by visiting your job site to help you determine which bolt is best suited to your application. We can provide you with quality bolts at highly competitive prices. Apart from all this, quick and easy delivery is yet another reason which makes working with us a profitable choice. Once you submit your RFQ to us, you can expect a speedy response to all your needs. For unbeatable shipment speed, choose BACO Enterprises.

Check out the extensive selection of domestic timber bolts in our catalogue. These include a variety of lengths, thread configurations and diameters and all these are available for immediate shipment. In order to ensure that the Stainless-steel timber bolts and other structural components that you are buying are made of high quality and have passed all the required quality control tests, source your timber bolts from BACO Enterprises.

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